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History and mission of the company

Striving for youth and beauty is a vital necessity of any person. It has been proven that a well-groomed and handsome person finds a prestigious, highly paid and beloved job. Therefore, the activities of our company are aimed at improving the quality of life of people by providing the market of aesthetic medicine with highly qualified specialists and, most importantly, with high-quality and proven cosmetic products from well-known world manufacturers.

"It is important to look for the harmony of the person, and try not to meet generally accepted standards. The master has a serious responsibility in advising a patient who wishes to rejuvenate their appearance. The training programs we are implementing will help us grow not just specialists who mechanically perform their work according to the protocol, but a whole galaxy of those who can be called true artists of aesthetic medicine. Aesthetic medicine helps to restore, strengthen, correct and preserve individual data on the characteristics of a person's beauty, health and youth."

Irina Kalnina Dobrovolska

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Irina Kalniņa-Dobrovoļska.jpg

Irina Kalniņa-Dobrovoļska

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Agnese Kalniņa

Artis Kalniņš.jpg

Artis Kalniņš

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Lita Berga-Veipa

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