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CG Styler 600

CG Styler 600 is an innovative filler based on hyaluronic acid and biomimetic peptides.
Dermal filler 1ml Indications:

  • Lip Correction;

  • Elimination of small creases (forehead and fine lines in the temporal region);

  • Purse and fine wrinkles;

  • Skin rejuvenation.


Recommended number of procedures:

individually decided by the specialist who performs the procedure.

The result will be visible after the first procedure!



  • 1. PBS buffer salts help to maintain a constant pH value 7. PBS is isotonic and non-toxic to human cells;

  • 2. Sh pentapeptide-12 SP - smoothes wrinkles, the action is similar to botulinum toxin type C.

  • The peptide blocks SNAP 25 and Syntaxin proteins.

Acetylcholine does not enter acetylcholine receptors and muscle contraction does not occur. Depending on the concentration of the peptide SH pentapeptide - 12 SP we have a different effect and result; 3. Octapeptide-11 - stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts, enhances collagen synthesis and improves skin tone.

Rejuvenates facial skin.


This is a new two-phase filler of the South Korean manufacturer Caregen Co., LTD, the active components of which are hyaluronic acid and revitalizing peptides. With help of injections of this dermal filler, not only existing cosmetic defects are eliminated, but also natural rejuvenation processes are started. Biomemitic peptides allow this filler to act for a longer time compared to other fillers with hyaluronic acid.



• high molecular weight hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin with a density of 23 mg / ml
• biomemitic peptides:

oligopeptide-72 (CG-Boostrin) inhibits the effects of hyaluronidase by 90%. This enzyme, which destroys natural hyaluronic acid and collagen, is in the skin of every person. Oligopeptide-72 allows you to extend the period until the next correction and improve its quality, by reducing the biodegradation of HA and collagen in the injection zone. Oligopeptide-50 (CG-Glamerin) - by 81% increases the production of endogenous collagen, by 45% - HC of natural origin.

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