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LeFil  |  Meso Injector

Lefil is a compact manual injector designed to administer HA and other skin care products in the required amount, manually dosed, and is also compatible with syringes from many different brands.

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Use procedure

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  • Uniform and continuous injection

  • Possibility to change the module quickly and easily

  • Wireless, rechargeable

  • Availability of technology to prevent retraction and loss of preparation

  • Possibility of using nozzles with 5 and 9 needles

  • Reliability

  • Compatible with many types of syringes

  • Lightweight and easy to use program

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Universal carbon mask CO2, which nourishes the skin with oxygen and nutrients!

Riox image 1.jpg

Bora effect, removes accumulated toxins and provides nutrition

An increase in the concentration of CO₂ will result in a decrease in pH, which in turn leads to the release of oxygen. CO₂ will release waste substances from the skin and provide nutrients and oxygen.


You can feel the various effects with one application.

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Beta series


BetaSeries Image 1.jpg
BetaSeries Image 2.jpg
BetaSeries Image 3.jpg

Beta-glucan in 100% condition can be used for various medicinal purposes!

Thanks to beta-glucan, which is effective for inflammation, it can be applied directly to the wound area.

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Beta mask

Beta Scaffold Mask - hydrogel mask consisting of 100% beta-glucan.

Regenovue PN / PN PLUS

Regenovue PN / PN PLUS

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Regenovue image 2.jpg
Regenovue image 3.jpg
Regenovue image 4.jpg
Regenovue image 5.jpg
Neo thread

Neo Thread


PDO (Polydioxanone) thread of safe material!

PDO is a safety-tested material that is used as a suture material in cardiac surgery.

It can be used with confidence, since PDO thread dissolves in the body within 6 months after administration under the skin.

NeoThread image 1.jpg

Thread Lifting causes the process of self-healing of collagen and elastin by inserting suture threads into the skin.

Stimulate self-healing with Mono / Screw Thread

Mono / Screw Thread products with a single thread causes the process of self-healing of collagen and elastin by inserting PDO threads under the skin.

Effective for eliminating small wrinkles by injection throughout the face.

NeoThread image 3.jpg

Eye Thread - These are specially designed threads for the eyes.

Mono / Screw Thread products with one thread cause the process of self-healing of collagen and elastin by inserting PDO threads under the skin.
Effective for eliminating small wrinkles by injection throughout the face.

NeoThread image 4.jpg

Effective for combining with various procedures

Multi Thread is a few threads that are twisted together. Multi Thread provides an excellent lifting effect without even combining it with other procedures.

img_s0205_01_06 (1).jpg

Multiple filaments increased cell viability, resulting in a better effect, and combined injured stem cells or PRP.

** Scaffolding effect: it is possible that you receive food from the body and increase the viability of the implanted cells

Thorn-shaped Cog Thread for safe and effective lifting

The hook-shaped Cog Thread gives maximum lifting effect, and the threaded thread causes the synthesis of collagen fibers to remove fine and deep wrinkles.

NeoThread image 6.jpg

Combi Thread - Specially designed thread with a suitable thread thickness and length to achieve a strong and long lifting effect.

Combi Thread maximizes the lifting effect with bi-directional hook-shaped incisions, penetrates the muscle layer (SMAS) and improves the skin layer and sagging muscles.

NeoThread image 7.jpg

Nose Thread - the best product for nose correction

Nose Thread is a thorn-shaped lifting thread to improve the shape of the nose.

Neo Nose Thread uses an L-shaped cannula to reduce nerve damage, swelling and bruising, as well as lifting the nasal ridge and contraction of the nasal base caused by a simple and safe treatment.

NeoThread image 8.jpg

The forming thread is made by the forming method to have an excellent lifting effect

An arrow molded thread is formed by pressing, which helps to be more durable than conventional models.

Molding Thread using a thicker and longer thread, is able to eliminate deep wrinkles and with the help of an L-type cannula it is possible to minimize damage to nerves, to avoid swelling and bruising.


Neo Double Needle Thread

Double Needle Thread is a thread pattern with two needles connected by one seam.

Using a double needle thread, a balanced lifting effect is achieved, using it on the eyebrows, forehead, jaw lines, neck and buttocks.

It can be used in different areas as it has two patterns depending on the length of the thread.


Neo Thread Model List

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