The kit consists of tonic, ampoule (serum) and cream. The effect is visually noticeable after 30 minutes after applying the complex, but you will see outstanding results after 28 days of use. The results have a long-playing property. Cellnoc fully charges your skin, making it healthier inside and out.

The main ingredient in the Cellnoc Phytocean Lifting Series is called Sirtalice ™.

Sirtalice ™ is a rare substance that has not yet been seen on the beauty market!
Sirtalice ™ takes its lifting ability deep into the sea. This is a unique substance that begins to excite the anti-aging cosmetology market.

Sirtalice ™ was found at a depth of 3400 m 1.5ºC Indian Ocean. This rare substance is an active marine biotechnological ingredient that can help recharge skin energy and, therefore, stimulate skin protein synthesis.

Sirtalice ™ stimulates protein synthesis involved in mitochondrial respiration and energy production. It also induces key proteins for focal adhesion and cell interaction.

The name Sirtalice ™ is a compound word consisting of Sirtuin + Talin + Ice.
Sirtuin 3 and Taline are important proteins that affect the elasticity of the skin. The word Ice represents an effect that is similar to freezing the skin.
Sirtalice ™ gives the skin instant lifting and provides a V-shaped face contour in just 30 minutes.



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