The growth factors and cytokines in Dermaheal cosmetics stimulate the natural effect in the body, to what extent and in the problem area these processes must take place.
Innovative ingredients in medical cosmetics, including anti-aging exposure to amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and multivitamins, make these products especially for the prevention of high signs of skin aging. Growth factors and peptides that mimic them are key elements in medical cosmetics.
Dermaheal anti-dark circles under the eyes - a unique mesotherapy product to prevent "dark circles" under the eyes.
The universal product formula has a dual edict - it quickly reduces "dark circles" under the eyes by adjusting melanogenesis and bleeding occurs. Its patented complex of 3 biomimetic peptides makes the product especially large, and it has no equivalent in aesthetic medicine.


The composition:

Tripeptide-41 (lipoxin), oligopeptide-73 (EPG), oligopeptide-61 (CG-chenosoline), hoapeptide-18 (CG-format)

Dermaheal Dark Circle Solution

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