Korean cream PURILUX Whitening Cream is a highly concentrated professional cream for whitening, rejuvenating and improving the general condition of the face, nourishing and moisturizing, as well as combating pigmentation spots. Thanks to the peptides, it removes deep, fine and imitation wrinkles, smoothes the skin, matte and smoothes its micro-relief, intensely tightens the skin, prevents sagging, prevents skin slippage.

The brightest extracts in the cream activate metabolic processes, whiten the skin, thus helping the skin to fight pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.


The result of the application - radiant and perfectly smooth skin, skin comfort and hydration, gradual disappearance and protection against the appearance of new wrinkles, skin firming and tightening, effective removal of age spots, strong skin protection from ultraviolet aging.


PURILUX whitening cream active ingredients: Vaiprooyl oligopeptide-33, Feruloyl oligopeptide-33, Octapeptide-11, nonapeptide-18, Niacinamide, Askorbyl Glucoside Each cosmetic product in the PURILUX line includes:


nanopeptide-18 - smoothes wrinkles, activating cell division and slowing down the aging process of skin cells.

Octapeptide-11 - regenerates the skin by activating the cell division process, improves skin tone, provides deep lifting.

Nicotinic acid is the biologically active form of vitamin B3. Slows down aging, strengthens barrier function. Reduces hyperpigmentation, irritation and red spots on the skin, makes facial skin healthy, gives skin radiance.

ascorbyl glucoside - a stabilized form of vitamin C. It activates intercellular metabolism, restores collagen fibers, strengthens blood vessel walls, increases immunity and turgidity of the skin, restores it;

oligopeptide-33 - a synthetic peptide containing 13 amino acids, consisting of arginine, aspartic acid, glutamine, glycine, isoleucine, leucine, serine, threonine, tryptophan and tyrosine

oil from meadow foam seeds, from rapeseed; extracts of long pepper fruit, white mulberry bark, licorice root (licorice), ginkgo biloba leaves, Chinese camellia leaves, allantoin, arginine, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate.

PURILUX Whitening Cream 40ml

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