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A medical device is any device intended to be used for medical purposes.



Procare Poto Combines RF, IPL, Hot&Cool Technologies.

· Real SPT(Selective Photothermolysis) & Long Pulse IPL (540nm)
· Mono Polar & Multi Polar RF (Authentic RF 1Mhz)
· Hot & Cool Rapid turnover & Powerfull Peltier (-5 ~ +42.5 Degree)
· Pigmentation & Blood vessel & Rejuvenation & Compositeness Treatment
· True Lifting & Tightening & Steatolysis & Fine Wrinkle Improvement
· Blood circulation Improvement & Skin Relax & Edema, Pore Reduction


Plasma BT

A device for cutting and coagulation of tissue

Delicate and precise surgical handpiece does not affect the skin cell tissue but only sublimates the skin surface and contract the skin by creating small lattice shapes around the eyelid. It can be effectively used in variety of skin problems such as acne, scar, facial skin treatment, upper and lower eyelid surgery and eyelid lifting.


Intima RF

Intima RF® is a non-invasive medical device designed to improve the vaginal tightening.

  • Female non-surgical procedure using RF

  • Delicate high frequency energy delivery and safety using Smart OED(Optimized Energy Delivery) system re-engineered by Seoulin Medicare

  • Fast treatment procedure and easy to use with a diverse array of applicators

  • No-anaesthetic, No-pain, No-discomfort, No-side effect

  • No downtime, can return to everyday life immediately

  • Perfect system for labia remodeling and sexual satisfaction enhancement

  • Delivering safe and accurate energy through checking of impedence and temperature

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